Chien-Wen Kou (Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University)
Chief Editor
Chien-Wen Kou (Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University)
Executive Editor
Ray Yun Wang (Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi University)

Current Issue

Vol. 64 ・ No. 1 ,March, 2021

  • Quo Vadis¡G Religious Freedom and Human Right in the Triangular Relations of Sino -Taiwan-Vatican
    Beatrice Leung
  • The French Protectorate’s Impact on the Inculturation of the Chinese Catholicism: Problems and Solutions
    Tsung-ming Chen
  • Will the Sino-Vatican Relationship Follow the “Vietnam Model?”: A Viewpoint on
    Qi Yao
  • The Evolution of Policies to the Catholic Church in the Chinese Communist Party During the Korean War
    Thomas Ching-wei Tu